LVT WorkshopsLaeveld Trekkers have their own in-house servicing work shop, where we specialise in the servicing and maintenance of our supplied product range.

We have fully qualified and experienced mechanics and workers maintaining & attending to the machinery, we find this of the utmost importance that we are able to take full control over any difficulty you may experience during the course of your usage of the machines. We like to ensure that our clients have not only convenient services delivered to them but also the best quality services performed on their equipment. We know the importance of durablility when it comes to these machines, therefor we make use of specialised & qualified JCB, New Holland & Igland technicians & mechanics in this industry. Guaranteeing 100% satisfaction for our valued clients.

We are truley your one-stop industrial shop, not only do we supply the best quality machinery but we also provide a wide range of detailed services that greatly benefit and convenience our clients. Convenience is what we know best, leave it all to the experts to handle the issues.

Need a service on your LVT machines?

Not sure how to transport the machines to our workshops?

Not to worry - we have you sorted in all aspects: Rest assured, we will give the best service needed for your machines. We will Fetch and even deliver your machines to your door-step. We will even do a field service, call us out to where you are located and we will service it there.


Hectorspruit LVTA wide range of option at your finger tips making these hassles dissappear and thus making life that much easier. Call LVT today for more information you may have on our workshop services or products.

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